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מים רבים לא יוכלו לכבות את האהבה

Mighty waters cannot quench love

Song of Songs 8:7

Our hearts across BBYO's global movement are with those in the areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. While we are grateful that so many of our members, advisors, alumni, partners, and their families are safe, we are saddened to learn of those with challenges ahead. It is clear that those in the Southern Texas and Florida areas will need time to rebuild. BBYO will stand with you for as long as it takes.

We are committed to keeping the programs in BBYO's Lonestar, Gold Coast, Miami, and North Florida Regions running over the weeks and months ahead. As always, BBYO will be a gathering place where Jewish teens can have fun, share support and deepen connections to their Jewish heritage alongside lifelong friends.

Here are a few ways you can help right away:

1. Donate to the relief effort:

–Local Jewish Federations: Harvey Support | Irma Support
–Local Food Banks: Harvey Support | Irma Support

2. We are creating an inventory of the specific needs of BBYO teens and families as well as a list of those in neighboring communities who are willing to provide aid. Let us know if you are in need of assistance or are interested in responding to specific requests.

3. If you, your family, your chapter, or community is eager to help, AZA and BBG's Executive Body has launched an International Service Fund (ISF) emergency campaign to collect gift cards that will be distributed to area BBYO families in need. Please email digital cards to or send cards to: Rebuild c/o BBYO, Inc., 800 Eighth Street, NW, Washington DC 20001. 


For the entire 2017–2018 school year, BBYO will waive its membership fee for any teen whose family has taken on additional expense due to Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma—no questions asked. If a teen is from an affected community, they are welcome to be a part of BBYO without paying the $149 membership fee (this membership is good through high school graduation).

Additionally, we know that this will likely be a tough year financially for many families in Texas and Florida. Therefore, we are launching a fund to make sure that Lonestar, Gold Coast, Miami, and North Florida Regional Conventions are highly subsidized and that scholarship money is available for impacted teens to attend all regional and international events throughout the year. As always, we are committed to ensuring that finances are never a barrier to participation.

5. Once we know more about what needs to be done to help Texas and Florida, we are planning to arrange hands-on service opportunities for Alephs and B'nai B'rith Girls across Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and from throughout North America to join with a wide coalition of Jewish and national nonprofit networks to visit impacted communities and help with rebuilding efforts. If you'd like to participate in these direct service relief opportunities, please sign up here so that we can update you in the weeks and months ahead.

6. Houston-area teens, parents, advisors, and community members: If you are able to assist in delivering meals, offering transportation, providing housing, and more services, fill out your information below:

7. Show our BBYO family you're with them. Send words of support to those affected in two ways:

Post warm wishes on your social media accounts and tag them with #BBYOsupports. Your post will be added to our digital message board at the bottom of this page.

Send a short (>30 seconds) video of yourself, of your friends, or of your chapter and region sharing words of encouragement to We will edit them all together and show impacted region's members your support at their next regional event.